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Aman--Steadfast, Loyal Support

Updated: Jul 12

...and you [Pharisees] do not have his word abiding in you, for you do not believe the one whom he has sent. John 5:38 ESV

I've been studying John 15 lately about abiding in Christ. Although "believe" is not found in chapter 15, John connects belief with abiding in Christ throughout his books. So to understand more fully what it means to abide, let's revisit the word for believe.

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The Greek word used here for believe is pisteuo. It is also translated as "entrust" in John 22:23-25. It is used 248 times in the NT, again most of those uses are John's.

"It fundamentally means to declare something reliable, trustworthy, or steadfast. By extension, it means to reply upon or trust something or someone. As such, pisteuo can bear the idea of “entrusting.” Because a person or thing is reliable, I can entrust something of value to them." Thinking Theistically

In Hebrew, this word is aman. It is translated as "believe" but really means to "support"--a genuine dedication and responsibility to support another.

It is pictured in the decision of a couple to adopt a child, a second-in-command supporting his superior, or the commitment of a husband and wife.

It is a steadfast, inner conviction that stands firm through any storm--like a tent peg driven into the ground to support a tent.

Thank you, Yeshua, for your aman faithfulness toward me! I want to be a trustworthy supportive friend to you. Show me anything in my heart and life that steals my resources and attention away from you. Help my faith to stand firm through any storm as I trust in you.

Further Reading

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