• Tia Brown

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(Mostly) Watercolor YouTube Channels I Subscribe To:

I have gotten tons of amazing and helpful advice from other artists who don't do watercolor. I think it's because I'm learning watercolor itself but I'm also learning how to be an artist in general. The basic fundamentals of art are the same for any medium. I enjoy listening to how other artists approach this huge challenge. Swatches and Marco Bucci for example both have brilliant, easy-to-understand ways of explaining things like light, shadow, form, perspective, color, etc. Whenever I have a question about an art fundamental such as color, these guys have been a HUGE help!

If you don't watch anything else, take a look at the Drawabox series. It's an absolute MUST WATCH!! Especially the third intro video. It was so good it actually made me cry!

NAMIL ART posts mostly time-lapse videos, not many tutorials. But they're so much fun to watch! And he always has amazing background music.

Videos I Highly Recommend Watching: