• Tia Brown

How Does God Prune Us?

Updated: Apr 6

The bud closest to your pruning point will produce the best quality fruit and branches. That’s how it works! Plants will always send most of their energy for renewal to the nearest cutting point. -Hand Pruning

In This Article

I did an in-depth study of John 15:1-17, the True Vine Parable. It has long been one of my favorite parables in scripture. This study has taken months to complete. I pray it is enlightening and encouraging!

These are the highlights of my research. There's a ton of information to go through. So much about the words and the context of wine growing ties back into Yeshua's lesson beautifully!

I'm not an expert in any of the areas we're about to cover. I'm just doing my best to pass on information about these things from people who are experts.

If you have any thoughts to share, I'd love to hear it! Comment below or shoot me an email.

Yeshua was Talking about Wine Grapes

Yeshua specifically refers to a vine, so the first question we need to ask is which one? Does the passage specify? Or does it even matter?

The word for "vine" here in Greek specifically means wine-grape vines. This makes sense because Jesus told this parable during Passover when much wine would be needed.

Also, Israel has been a huge center for wine-growing since the days of Joshua. The land has all the perfect conditions for growing excellent wine.

Wine-grapes like to grow in rocky, infertile, dry, sloping soil. Barren land like this is not useful for anything--not even cattle. Vineyards thrive because the harsh conditions force the main vine to fight its way down deep into the earth where all the best minerals are.

The harsher the conditions, the better tasting the wine.

Their roots will penetrate deep crevices of rock to get nourishment. -Bible History

These vineyards are grown solely for their fruit. There is nothing else useful about the plant whatsoever. That is why Yeshua said the removed branches are gathered and burned. This is exactly what Israel would do in a huge Pruning event once a year.

Oops, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Anatomy of the Grape Vine

Yeshua's parable makes a lot more sense when we learn some basic things that his listeners also understood about grapevines.

This painting is my illustration of the grapevine in Yeshua's parable (this design is available as a free bookmark or a coffee mug!).